Panmatex Company Profile

Our story began in June 1974 when the owner started the business of manufacturing and distribution of cotton knitted glove in Johor Bahru. During this period the company had limited growth due to Malaysia market capacity.

Conscious of the need to survive in the business couple with economic boom in 80’ where the rising popularity of retail business which create exciting new opportunities, the owner jumped on the trend and began to supply disposable packaging material and packing equipment to supermarkets in Malaysia.

The business soon earned itself an excellent reputation for supplying quality products while providing a quick and reliable service. As demand grew, the products supplied soon proved not to be diversify enough and range of products supplied couldn’t cope with the increasing demand. It was time to move onto the next level.

Renowned brands of supermarket equipment such as shopping trolley and basket, bagging machines were bringing in from overseas. With this additional range of products, demand was soon filled. Over the following decade the company’s turnover steadily increased, additional staff were employed and more products was added to keep pace with the ever increasing and changing demands.

With the high labour costs and the scarcity of the manpower supply in Malaysia, the company realized the key to innovation in the packaging for fresh produce sector is automated packaging, which led to the supply of advance weighing system, automated bagging machines and packaging materials.

The changes made over the years to keep abreast with technology improvements has been one of the factors in retaining existing clients and at the same time attracting new customers.

Independently owned by the same family throughout our history, the company have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far and are excited about the future where will remain committed to the ongoing development of the business.

Commitment to Customer

We are motivated by our customers’ success. We are committed long-term in providing the highest level of service and product quality to help our customers’ to reach their business goals.


Our goal is to be recognized as the premier choice for supermarket equipment and one stop shop packaging company in Malaysia and in South East Asia region.